GAOTek Steel Wire Rope Flaw Detector

This Ultrasonic flaw detector has sensor range of 0 in to 0.24 in, diameter range of 0.06 in to 11.81 in and detection capability of +0.2%.




  • Can online testing of wire rope and wire breaking, wear, corrosion, deformation, loose strands, jump wire, material
  • Other defect’s function changes
  • The test results of the report can meet different industry standards also has the form of broken wires
  • The number of broken wires fault area and total basal area of the steel ratio of the display
  • Using computer USB interface direct sampling analysis, with online acousto-optic alarm and real-time results function
  • Sensor circular structure, circumferential surround, axial magnetization
  • The wire rope instant magnetization to saturation
  • Steady work, reliable performance, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, data accuracy


Technical Specifications

Whole series of testing of wire rope diameter range  0.06 in to 11.81 in (1.5 mm to 300 mm)
Sensor and the wire rope relative speed  0.3 m/s to 1.5 m/s
Sensor Range 0 in to 0.24 in (2 mm to 6 mm)
Qualitative Single concentration of broken wire detection accuracy rate of 99%.
Quantitative Single concentration of broken wires number allowed a rooter an equivalent root misjudgment.
Error detection accuracy Greater than or equal to 92%
Sensitivity of detection repeatability error ±0.06%.
Detection precision indication permissible error ±0.2%.
detection capability +0.2%.
Power supply 5 V


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