GAOTek STM Industry Optical Fiber Microscope

This STM Industry Optical Fiber Microscope has an optical ratio of 0.28 X to 2.0 X, a working distance of 4.1 in, and a video screen ratio of 16:9.



Technical Specifications

Optical System Specifications Optical Len 5C 

Optical conversion ratio 1:7.15

Ratio of the objective: 0.7 X to 5.0 X

Camera eyepiece magnification: 0.4 X

Optical ratio: 0.28 X to 2.0 X

Video magnification: 27 X to 191 X

Field of view: 0.056 in x 0.1 in (1.4 mm x 2.5 mm) to 0.4 in x 0.7 in (10 mm x 17.8 mm)

Working distance: 4.1 in (105 mm)

Center distance: 4.7 in (120 mm)

The CCD System Specifications Resolution ratio: 3840 Pixels x 2160 Pixels 

Sensor size: SONY 1/2

Pixel size: 3.75 um x 3.75 um

Data bits: 12 BITS

Exposure mode: Rolling shutter


Tertiary enhanced: SE

Third-order edge enhancement: White balance

Manual or Auto Focus mode: Manual

Output frame rate: 60 fps

Output mode: HDMI

Output Color: black and white

Power output: 5 V 1 A

Fixed Bracket System Specifications Focusing frame 

Coarse moving focus hand wheel, focus hand wheel elastic and adjustable, lifting stroke0- 4.1 in (105 mm)

Hand wheel bracket 

1.96 in x 2.4 in x 11.81 in (50 mm x 60 mm x 300 mm)

Working platform 

12.6 in x 11.2 in x 1.3 in (320 mm x 285 mm x 32 mm)

Lighting System Specifications External light source 

LED ring light, input voltage: AC 100 V to 240 V wide voltage, Adjustable brightness

Video Display System Specifications Screen size 

21.5 in (54.61 cm)

Screen ratio 


Measurement Functions Picture format: BMP or JPG or PNG 

Saving mode: U dish

Video: GIF

Identification function: point coordinates, cross curve, coordinate line, Text annotation

length measurement: straight line, broken line, curve, circular arc, Parallel lines from, DimPL

Center distance measurement: Two round focal point, Three focal point round

geometrical measurement: line length, Line spacing, Circle radius, concentric circles

geometric area: Circular area, square, triangle, polygon

Angle measurement: inner angle, Exterior Angle measurement

Image rotation: Vertical rotation, Horizontal rotation

Other functions: Text Editing, notes


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