GAOTek Surface Roughness Testing Instrument

This Surface Roughtness Testing Instrument has measuring range of 0 to 1999 gloss units, light source by lens and division value of 0.1 gloss units.




  • Implementation of the standards: GB9754-ISO2813, ASTM-D532, ASTM-C584, GB8807, GB9966
  • 0 to 1999 Gloss Units Single Angle Gloss Meter for paint, ink, plastic, marble surface gloss measurement.
  • Light source by the lens to become parallel or slightly convergent beam of light shooting at the test plate coating surface
  • The reflected light converged by the lens accepted by the site selected by the light batteries of light absorption


Technical Specifications

Measuring range 0 to 1999 gloss units
Division value  0.1 gloss units
Stable value  + / -0.4 gloss units / 10 minutes
Indication error  + / -1.0 gloss units


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