GAOTek Telecom Line Tester

GAOTek telecom line tester is a précised fiber optical test designed by Rongbang Communication based on their own production experiences and customer requirements.




GAOTek telecom line tester is a précised fiber optical test designed by Rongbang Communication based on their own production experiences and customer requirements. It is widely used for testing of insertion and return loss of fiber optical passive components and fiber telecom industry. It is a basic and ideal tester for factories, research institutions and operating companies. It has a unique insertion loss data warning set. Different color shows. Testing efficiency is enhanced greatly. Operating is easy and electrical circuit design is superb. It saves operating steps for large active scale and micro signals detecting. Its uniquely designed joint can be dismounted. Power meter interface is also available.



  • Advanced OS: Multiple display
  • Easy handling, fast response and stability
  • High precision: Stable output power
  • High detection speed or wide measurement range
  • Wavelength synchronous switching
  • Light source and power meter
  • Achieve wavelength synchronous
  • Switching under insertion or return loss mode
  • Multiple working modes
  • Return loss mode or insertion loss mode
  • Power meter or dual wavelength testing
  • Color recognition for test result
  • Different colors correspond different test results
  • Pass or Fail is available by just a glance
  • Easy handling: Return loss or insertion
  • Loss is synchronously measured
  • No buttons switching
  • Rich display interfaces
  • High-definition LCD plus
  • Multi-level test interfaces bring rich visual experience
  • Perfect outward design
  • Electromagnetic proofing by metal covering
  • Durable buttons bring comfortable finger handling experience
  • Smart removable interfaces of light source and power meter
  • Easy to be disassembled to clean optical detector or replace
  • Other adapters (FC or SC or ST or 63.5 in (2.5 mm)
  • General or 31.7 in (1.25 mm) general or MT RJ)
  • Clean inside APC adapter
  • Note only need to rotate light
  • Source or power meter
  • Interface to disassemble it
  • Clock display: Time is available
  • Reasonably organize work
  • Communication interface
  • The tester can connect to computer
  • Transmit test data to it
  • Specialized programs give Pass or Fail result of jumper


Technical Specifications

Light Source Wavelength MM:850 nm SM:1310 nm or 1550 nm
Wavelength 1310 nm or 1550 nm
Measurement Range 0 dB to 75 dB
Calibration Wavelength 1310 nm or 1550 nm
Measurement Tolerance ±0.4 dB
Output Stability 0.02 dB or hrs. (at 250 C)
Interface Types MM:850 nm FC or UPCSM: 1310 nm or 1550 nm FC or APC
Calibration Wavelength 850 nm or 980 nm or 1300 nm or 1310 nm or 1490 nm or 1550 nm or 1625 nm
Measurement Range +3 dBm to -80 dBm
Measurement Tolerance ±0.03 dB
Display Resolution Logarithmic: 0.01 dB; linear: 0.001 nW or μW or mW
Test Mode Linear and nonlinear
Interface Types Removable: FC or SC or ST or general 63.5 in (2.5 mm) or general 30.4 in (1.25 mm) adapters
Screen Color LCD
Resolution 320 pixels x 240 pixels
Communication Interface USB
Power Supply AC 90 V to 260 V
Work Environment temperature: -58 °F to 1022 °F (-50 °C to +550 °C); humidity<95%RH No condensation
Storage Environment temperature: -328 °F to 1292 °F (-200 °C to +700 °C); humidity <85% RH No condensation
Dimensions 10.4 in x 10.4 in x 5.5 in (265 mm x 265 mm x 140 mm)
Weight 8.81 lb (4 kg)


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