GAOTek Telecom Line Tester

This Telecom Line Tester has a 24 dB or 22 dB dynamic range, it has 0.31 mi to 37.28 mi (500 m to 60 km) test range, and it has a pulse width of 10 us.



Technical Specifications

Network Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Wired LAN, ONVIF, SDK, TCP, IP, POE, GPRS, Wi-Fi, 4g, GSM, 3G, Wiegand
Wavelength 1310 nm or 1550 nm
Test Range 0.31 mi to 37.28 mi (500 m to 60 km)
Dynamic Range 24 dB or 22 dB
Pulse Width 3 ns to 10 us
Connector Type SC or UPC, APC
Weight 4.3 lb (2 kg)
Reflection Accuracy ±3 dB


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