GAOTek Textile Colorimeter

This Textile Colorimeter has a reflectivity range of 0% to 200%, resolution of 0.01%, 3.5 in full color touch screen and CMOS sensor.




  • Spectral combination LED light source, free positioning measurement
  • High precision splitter structure, LAB value accurate acquisition
  • Two calibers are available to suit more tested samples
  • Unique engineering fuselage design, light and convenient to carry
  • Equipped with stable and dirt resistant white board, escort instrument calibration


Technical Specifications

Caliber Single Caliber 4mm or 8mm
Light type High accuracy full spectrum LED
Observer 10°(CIE1964), 2°(CIE1931)
Wavelength 400 nm to 700 nm 10 nm interval
Reflectivity Range: 0% to 200%, resolution: 0.01%
Sensor CMOS sensor
Calibration Default: Automatic
Test speed 1.0 s
Geometric D/8 15 in (400 mm) integrating sphere
Display 3.5 in full color touch screen
Size 7.1 in x 2.6 in x 2.6 in (181 mm x 67 mm x 67 mm) (without base)
Weight 0.6 lb to 2.6 lb. (330 g to 1.2 kg)


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