GAOTek USB Temperature Data Logger

This USB Temperature Data Logger has an input current of ≤250 Ω, output current of ≤500 Ω, input voltage of ≥500 Ω and output voltage of ≥250 KΩ.



Technical Specifications

Input Current ≤250 Ω
Input Voltage ≥500 Ω
Maximum Input Current 30 mA
Maximum Input Voltage <6 V
Output Current ≤500 Ω
Output Voltage ≥250 KΩ
Measurement Accuracy 0.2% FS±1 word
Power Consumption ≤4 W
frequency 50 HZ to 60 HZ
Weight 13.05 oz (370 g)
Size 3.78 in x 3.78 in (96 mm x 96 mm)


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