GAOTek Viscometer With Touch Screen Panel

This Viscometer With Touch Screen Panel has speed of 0.1 RPM to 100 RPM, 0.5% repeatability and power supply 100V to 240V.




  • 7-inch touch screen with rich information (easy to operate)
  • Anti-static shell and metal lifter
  • Build-in RTD temp probe
  • ARM chip processor for higher data processing speed
  • New designed durable axle
  • Powerful human-computer interactive interface
  • Gigabit Ethernet port to ensure rapid and stable data transfer
  • External storage supports single point, continuous and timing data, three kinds of storage
  • Correction factor of temperature and viscosity protection (password protection)
  • Variable speed support of viscosity measurement
  • Auto switch between dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity
  • Variety of viscosity units
  • Different operation interface style
  • Detailed operation guide
  • Continuous viscosity value displayed
  • Sound alarm when beyond measurement range
  • Linear calibration by computer
  • Wide range power supply: 100V-240V, powerful anti-interference


Technical Specification

Range (mPa.s) 1 million to 6 million
RPM 0.1 RPM to 100 RPM
Measurement Manual operation,Intelligent touch
Rotor speed 0.1 RPM to 100 RPM
Accuracy ± 1.0% (of full range)
Repeatability 0.5 %


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