GAOTek Waterproof Agriculture Automatic Spraying Drone

This waterproof agriculture automatic drone has weight of 46.52 lb (21.1 kg), max takeoff weight of 104.72 lb at sea level and IP rating of IP54.



Technical Specifications

Weight 46.52 lb (21.1 kg)
Standard Takeoff Weight 93.92 lb (42.6 kg)
Max Takeoff Weight 104.72 lb (47.5 kg) at sea level
Motor Stator Size 3.94 in x 0.59 in (10 cm x 1.5 cm)
Motor Weight 1.47 lb (666 g)
Max Thrust 29.76 lb/rotor (13.5 kg/rotor)
Battery Weight 14.11 lb (6.4 kg)
IP Rating IP54


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