GAOTek Wireless High Voltage Phase Sequence Tester

This wireless high voltage phase sequence tester has AC 10 V to 500 kV phase detecting voltage, 45.0 Hz to 65.0 Hz frequency and 0° to 360° phase.




  • Wireless phase detection up to 656.2 ft (200 m) distance
  • Voice prompts for signal status and phase sequence
  • 5 in (8.89 cm) LCD displays phase, frequency, and results
  • Includes electricity testing for voltage grade display
  • Data storage for 200 groups, USB upload or print


Technical Specifications

Phase Detecting Voltage AC 10 V to 500 kV
Phase Detecting Distance 853.0 ft (260 m)
Phase Sequence Qualitative In phase: – 20° to 20°; out phase: 100° to 140° and 220° to 260°
Phase Range 0° to 360°; accuracy: ≤ ± 10°; resolution: 1°
Frequency Range 45.0 Hz to 65.0 Hz; accuracy: ≤ ± 2 Hz; resolution: 0.1 Hz
Electricity Test Indication Du to do to do” buzzing sound
Voltage Display Display the voltage grade
Transmitting Frequency 433 MHz, 315 MHz
Rated Current Detector: 30 mA max; Host: 150 mA max
LCD Size 3.5 in (8.89 cm) color display; display area: 2.7 in x 2.0 in (71 mm x 53 mm)
Power Supply Host:3.7 V 2600 mAh, rechargeable lithium battery;Detector: DC 3.7 V 600 mAh, rechargeable lithium battery
Phase Detecting Method 1. Contact mode phase detecting: circuit line below 35 kV
2. non-contact mode phase detecting: when the line voltage exceeds 35 kV, must adopt non-contact mode to testing, the probe gradually approaches the conductor to phase detecting.
Voice Prompt “X signal is normal, Z signal is normal,positive phase sequence,negative phase sequence”
Data Storage 200 groups (power down or replace the battery will not lose data)
Automatic Shutdown 15 minutes after booting up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation
Battery Voltage When battery voltage is lower than 7.2 V ± 0.1 V,low battery voltage symbol will display and remind to replace battery. The measurement data still are also accurate at this time.
Insulation Rod Length Max Diameter: Φ 1.7 in (Φ 45 mm) ;Length contraction state 39.3 in (1000 mm) ;stretched state: 177.1 in (4500 mm)
Insulation Test The insulation rod stretched to both ends:AC 220 kV/rms; host, detector AC 3700 V/rms (between exposed metal and plastic shell)
Instrument Weight Host:2.4 lb (1090 g) (include battery)
Instrument Dimension Host 7.6 in x 3.9 in x 1.7 in (195 mm × 100 mm × 45 mm) ;Detector: 5.1 in x 2.5 in x 1.7 in (130 mm × 65 mm × 45 mm)


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