GAOTek Wireless Temperature Data Logger

GAOTek Wireless Temperature Data Logger has 0.01 level accuracy.




GAOTek Wireless Temperature Data Logger has 0.01 level accuracy. It can connect 64 thermocouples or 20 thermal resistances and 6 humidity sensors. The measured value and the temperature of each channel can be displayed at the same time, and it’s a special instrument for the temperature and humidity field inspection. After connecting to the hosting computer, it can detect automatically and analyze fast on temperature controlling deviations, temperature field, humidity field, uniformity and volatility of heat treatment furnace and equipment for environment temperature (or humidity) test. The standards and methods for the testing process meets the national standard, Chinese military standard and various existing norms. And Temperature Humidity Sensor.



  • 1 second per channel inspection speed
  • Professional thermocouple reference end process
  • Optional dry and wet bulb method to measure humidity
  • Wireless communication function
  • Channel expansion capability
  • Support data storage
  • Closed design, compact and portable
  • Statistics and data analysis functions
  • Rich human-computer interaction function


Technical Specifications

Wireless Communication Function yes
Record Function USB record
Duration 20 hours to 22 hours, timely turn off backlight
Cell Type 7.8 V 3400mAh, Rechargeable lithium battery
Calibration period 1 year
Working humidity 0% to 80%, Non condensing
Dimensions 11.81 in × 6.50 in × 1.97 in (300 mm × 165 mm × 50 mm)
Working Temperature Range -5 ℉ to 45 ℉ (-20.56 ℃ to 7.22 ℃)
Weight 2.65 lb (1.2 kg)


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