GAOTek XFP Optical CWDM Module Transceiver

This XFP Optical CWDM Module Transceiver has a data rate of 9.95 Gb/s to 11.3 Gb/s, a power supply of 5 V and wavelength of 1270 nm to 1610 nm.



Technical Specifications

Network Wireless Lan, Wired LAN, SDK, TCP, Ip, Wi-Fi
Form Factor XFP
Connector Interface DX LC
Hot-Pluggable Yes
Data Rate 9.95 Gb/s to 11.3 Gb/s
Power Supply 3.3 V and 5 V
Link Length (Max.) up to 6.21 mi to 49.71 mi (10 km to 80 km)
Wavelength 1270 nm to 1610 nm
Protocol XFP MSA, IEEE 802.3


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