Hardness Tester for Hard Metal Parts (Portable)



Key Features

  • Easy to use keypad operation
  • Auto identification of Impact Device
  • Large LCD display with back light
  • Automatic conversions to: Brinell, Rockwell B & C, Vicker and Shore
  • Automatic mean value
  • Battery Indicator
  • Memory capacity (100 groups)
  • Standard Test Method for Hardness Testing: ASTM A956

Technical Specifications

Accuracy ≤6HLD (HLD=800)
Repeatability ≤6HLD (HLD=800)
Resolution 1HL, 1HV, 1HB, 0.1HRB, 0.1HRC, 0.1HS
Memory capacity 100 groups
Operating temperature  14F-122F  (-10 to 50 degrees C)
Dimensions:  3.54in x 6.93in x 1.69in


weight   9.92lbs  (4.5KG)


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