Hardness Tester with 360° Measuring (Std Impact Device)



Key Features

  1. Ultra-thin shell, more easily to hold
  2. Suitable for multiple impact devices and 6 types of hardness scales are available for various applications
  3. Large and clear digital display

Technical Specifications

Hardness Scales HL、 HRC、HRB、HV、HB、HS
Repeatability Accuracy HLD:±6  HRC:±1  HB:±4
Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Standard Impact Device impact device of Type D
Upper / Lower Limits Setting (170~960)HLD
Optional Impact Device D/ C /DC / D+15 / DL/ G
PC Interface USB 2.0
Screen Display 128X64 dot matrix LCD, backlight and adjustable contrast
Measuring Direction 360°
Data Memory 100 group of readings
Max. Hardness of The Measured Work Piece 940HV(for D,DC,DL,D+15,C impact device)
Radius of Curvature of The Measured Work Rmin=1.9 in (50mm)
Recognition Function Recognize the type of the impact device by itself
Power Supply 3×1.5V AAA
Dimensions 4.5 x 2.6 x 1.0 in(155mm x 68mm x 27 mm)
weight 0.55lbs.(250g)


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