Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector (Storage, High Accuracy)


Key Features

  • Small size, weight, easy to carry
  • High accuracy, shot response time, wide measurement range
  • Large-screen color LCD graphics display, more comfortable
  • USB chargeable lithium battery, long life, fast and easy charging
  • Built-in large capacity memory, long life, vibration alarm variety of alarm mode
  • Water and dust proof, explosion proof, rugged enclosure drop resistance protection, high degree of protection
  • Warning light flashing, convenient to work in the dark

Technical Specifications

Product typeDiffused toxic gas detector with data storage
Dimension4.33* 2.67 * 1.49Inch
Measurement typeMore than 20 kinds of toxic gases
batteryBuilt-in rechargeable lithium battery
Operation timeFull power longer than 8 hours
Charging timeLess than 4 hours
DisplayTFT color screen
Alarm methodSecond alarm, the LED lights alarm, vibration alarm
Keyboard4 keys
Sampling wayDiffusion
Data record30 second interval can be stored
Calibrate2 Points calibration, calibration values can be set
Operating temperature-4 ヨ 131 OF
Operating humidity0-95% relative humidity