Industrial Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector (Data Storage)



GAOTek Formaldehyde Gas Detector detects the presence of HCHO and measures concentrations between 1-50ppm with alarm and produce beep sound above 50ppm.

Key Features

  • Handheld, industry use;
  • Rugged ABS+PC IP54 case with CITY sensor, CE, RoHS approved;
  • Adjustable high & low alarm point;
  • Visual & audible alarm;
  • SETL & TWA alarm;
  • Low battery warning;
  • Rechargeable battery;
  • LCD screen display;
  • With Stainless Steel belt clip;
  • Support data record, data storage and data transfer;
  • Factory offer, more professional;
  • Welcome OEM and custom design;
  • Gas sensor is replaceable, you can use this case for below sensors:

    CO, O2, CO2, CL2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2, etc;

  • With air sampling pump for gas leak detection

Technical Specifications

Technicalᅠindicator Parameter
Measuringᅠrange (0~1000)ppm
Measurementᅠerror ᄆ10%
Resolutionᅠratio 1ppm
Display Liquidᅠcrystalᅠdisplay(LCD)display
Responseᅠtime ?45sᅠ(T90)
Alarmᅠsoundᅠintensity ?75dB
Alarmᅠlight ?20Mᅠvisible
Alarmᅠpoint canᅠbeᅠsetᅠinᅠfullᅠproceed
Alarmᅠway Sound,ᅠlight
Continuousᅠworkingᅠtime >300h
Sensorᅠlifetime ?2ᅠyear
Workingᅠcurrent <ᅠ1mA
Batteryᅠmodel PL123450,3.7V/1500mA
Chargingᅠtime 4-5ᅠhours
Protectionᅠdegree IP54
Sizeᅠ/ᅠWeight ᅠ4.13in x 2.13in x 1.26in


0.99lbsᅠ (450g)


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