Light-Weight Refractometer (Small Size, Energy Efficiency)




GAOTek Light-Weight Refractometer is a small-sized device for measuring solution’s refraction index of under different temp and saves energy (over 8000 times).

Key Features

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation ( ATC
  • Instantaneous reading.
  • Stainless steel sample plate.
  • More than 8000 times per battery

Technical Specifications

Operation temperature


0℃(32 ℉)-40℃(104℉).
Storage temperature


10℃(14 ℉)-50℃(122℉).
Power supply


a 1.5V Alkaline Battery
Operating time


more than 8000 times per battery
Operation humidity


lower than 90%.


Operation sea level lower than 6561.68 ft(2000m)


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