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Oscilloscope With Auto Zero Calibrate (40 Waveform Record)




GAOTek Oscilloscope with auto zero calibration and can record 40 waveforms and display max/min/current values simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Bandwidth of AC voltage is up to 20kHz
  • Max range is up to 2000V
  • MAX/MIN/current value simultaneously on one screen
  • DMM 400groups data and DSO 40 waveform record

Technical Specifications

Display 320 ´ 240 LCD Display area 3.07x 2.28 in(78 mm x 58mm)
Backlight White or yellow Input impedance DMM 10MΩ,
Battery Built-in1600mAh Ni-Hi battery Auto power-off No action within 10mins
Low Battery indicator Charging time More than 8hours
Working time Approx. 6 hours Memory DMM 400groups data and DSO 40 waveform record
Work condition 0~+104 F(0°C~+40°C);<75%RH Storage condition 14~ 140 F(-10°C ~ +60°C); <90%RH
Dimension 7.87x 5.31x 2.047 in(200mm ´ 135 mm ´52mm) weight Approx 2.204 lbs(1000g) (Net weight)
Operate height 0~ 6561.68 foot(0~2000m) Adaptor power 110V~250V,12V/1A, protection- switch power
Analog bandwidth DC ~ 50MHz, probe: X10; DC~6MHz, probe X1 (3db bandwidth,sine wave response)
Max sampling rate 200Msps Vertical resolution 8 bits
Channel 1 couple DC/AC
Input impedance 1MΩ//20pF Div vertical ±4 div   horizontal 10 div
Vertical sensitivity range 20mV/div ~ 50V/div 1-2-5 exchanging step Time base 10ns/div ~ 1s/div 1-2.5-5 switch
Vertical amplitude accuracy ±(5%+ 0.1div) Time base accuracy ±(0.01% + 0.1div)
Auto-Zero calibrating Yes Measuring mode Normal, Video, Single
Trigger level ± 3.8 div (every step interval 0.04div) Single slop of selection Rising edge/ Falling edge
Trigger condition ± 3.8div (every step interval 0.04div) Auto setting Auto setting time base and amplitude
Cursor measuring dV, dt, Auto measuring Vp-p, +Vp,-Vp,f,,T
Auto measuring accuracy ±(5%+ 0.1div) Waveform (sinx)/x

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