Key Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use portable pH meter with Large LCD display
  • 1-5 points calibration with auto-buffer recognition
  • Selectable pH buffer. It follows standard (USA/NIST/DIN) or it can offer custom calibration solutions
  • Automatic electrode slope display indicates the users to decide whether to replace the sensor
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation provides accurate reading over the entire pH range
  • Offers a selectable normalization temperature (20/25°C), cell constant (0.1/1/10), and TDS conversion factor
  • Auto hold function freezes the stable measured value for easier viewing and recording of data
  • Selectable temperature unit (°C or °F)
  • Data Hold function
  • Reset to default setting feature
  • Can use linear or pure water compensation mode
  • Operational guide for new users
  • Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 500 readings.
  • Built-in real-time clock stamps stored data to meet GLP standard.
  • Can export data to PC via USB port

Technical Specifications

Range -2.000~20.000pH
Accuracy ±0.002pH
Resolution 0.1, 0.01, 0.001pH, Selectable
Calibration Points 1 to 5 points
Calibration Solutions USA, NIST, DIN or User-defined
Temperature Compensation 0~100°C, 32~212°F
Compensation Mode Manual or Automatic
Range -1999~1999mV
Accuracy ±0.2mV
Resolution 0.1, 1mV, Selectable
Range 0~20.00, 200.0, 2000µS/cm, 20.00, 200.0mS/cm
Accuracy ±0.5% F.S
Calibration Points 1 to 5 points
Calibration Solutions 10µS/cm, 84µS/cm,1413µS/cm,12.88mS/cm,111.8mS/cm
Temperature Compensation 0~100°C, 32~212°F, Manual or Automatic
Temperature Coefficient 0.0~10.0%/°C
Compensation Modes Linear or Pure Water
Cell Constant K=0.1, 1, 10 or User-defined
Normalization Temperature 20°C (68°F) or 25°C (77°F)
Range 0~100ppt (Max. 200ppt, depending on factor setting)
Accuracy ±1% F.S
TDS Factor 0.1~1.0 (Default 0.5)
Range 0~100°C, 32~212°F
Accuracy ±0.5°C, ±0.9°F
Resolution 0.1°C
Calibration Points 1 point
Calibration Range Measured value ±10°C (50°F)


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