PH Meter with ION (500 Data Store and Self-diagnostic)

GAOTek PH Meter with ION detects PH and ION with high accuracy and stores 500 history data.


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GAOTek PH Meter with ION detects PH and ION with high accuracy and stores 500 history data.

Key Features

  • Microprocessor-based meter, high accuracy, good repetition
  • Self-diagnostic for easy trouble-shooting
  • Meter factory reset function: users can use this function to reset the meter to the factory default and data log for convenient operation
  • points push-button automatic calibration for ion measurement
  • Direct Ion Concentration measurement with use of many Ion Selective Electrodes
  • Stability and average function for optimized results
  • Auto-sleep function for Bench top meter
  • Auto-off conserves energy and lengthens battery lifespan (Portable)
  • Low battery indicator: when battery icon lights up, battery power is low. Replace batteries with fresh 10.Ones as soon as possible (Portable)
  • Store and output data function: the meter can store up to 500 sets data
  • Data can be sent to computer via USB link

Technical Specifications

PH Range0.00-14.00PH
PH Resolution0.01 PH
PH Accuracy+/-0.01PH
PH Buffer SelectionUSA,NIST,DIN,Manual
Calibration Point3 points
ORP/RmV Range+/-1999 mV/RmV
ORP Resolution1mV
ORP Accuracy+/-2mV
ION Range0-9999
ION Resolution1,2,3 efficient data
ION Accuracy+/-2mV or 1%
ION UnitSame as the standard solution
Temperature Range0.0-99.9C / 32-212F
Temperature Resolution0.1C/0.1F
Temperature Accuracy+/-0.5/+/-0.9F
Temperature Compensation0.0-99.9C, Auto/Manual
Cal RemindingYes
Memory500 Sets
Ambient Temperature 32 to 113f (5-45C)
DisplayMeter sleeps (Bench top) or shuts off (Portable) automatically 15 minutes after last key is pressed
InputBNC,φ3.5mm sockets
Power9V DC adepter,500 mA 100/240V (Bench top)
4X1.5V“AAA”alkaline battery (Portable )

Additional information

Weight1.32 kg


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