Resistance Tester with Leakage Current (Loop Current)



Key Features

  • screen display
  • Double protection insulation
  • Non-contact measured resistance, safe, fast

Technical Specifications

Function Ground resistance test, Loop resistance test
Power Supply 6VDC 4 PCS of AA Alkaline batteries
Resistance Range 0.01-1200Ω
Resistance Resolution 0.001Ω
Highest Resistance Accuracy ±1%±0.01Ω
Data memory 99 Sets
Alarm Threshold Setting Range Resistance: 1-199Ω
Alarm Sound and Light “Beep-beep-beep” alarm tone, Alarm Symbol Flashing, Press AL key to turn on, turn off Alarm or set Alarm Threshold.
Interference Signal Recognition “Beep-beep-beep” tone, NOISE symbol blinking
Working Temperature and Humidity -20℃-55℃;20%RH-90%RH
LCD Screen 4 Digits LCD display, Screen L×W: 47mm×28.5mm
Clamp Size Φ32mm
Clamp Opening Extent 32mm
Tester Weight 1160g (With batteries)
Clamp Dimension L×W×T: 285mm×85mm×56mm
Protection Level Dual Insulation
Structural Feature Clamp CT
Shifting Automatic shifting
External magnetic field <40A/m
External electrical field <1V/m
Single measurement time 0.5 second
Resistance measurement frequency >1KHz
Measured current frequency 50/60Hz Automatic measurement
Low Battery Indication Low battery symbol displays when battery is lower then 5.3V
Memory Full Indication MEM symbol blinks when all 99 sets memory is full
Over Range Indication Out of range indication “OLΩ”, “L0.01” or “OL A”
Auto Power-off 5 minutes after Boot up
Power Consumption Max 50mA either in booting up or normally working, Continuously working for 30 hours
Safety Provisions IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution level 2, CAT Ⅲ(150V)
Accessories Meter: 1 piece, Test ring: 1 Piece, Meter Suitcase: 1 Piece


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