Solid Density Meter with Purity Measure (Hi-Weigh Range)




Key Features

  • with rubber DIN abrasion quantity volume, ARI abrasion index, the akron abrasion quantity, inflation rate, quality and the determination of volume change simple reading function
  • in view of the powder, with functions of true density measurement pycnometer method
  • in view of the saturated porous products with boiling method, impregnation saturation method, vacuum saturation method, sealing wax on the surface of cover, vaseline on the surface of cover…Density measurement and other functions
  • strong porosity of porous products, determination of oil content, water absorption function
  • with functions of mixture main material purity measurement

Technical Specifications


The weighing range 0.005 ~ 300 g
Density resolution 0.001 g/cm3;
The biggest weighing 0.66lbs  (300 g)
The minimum weight 0.005g
Density range 0.001 ~ 99.999 g/cm3

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