Spectrophotometer with Wide Range (High Accuracy, Auto Calib)



Key Features

  • Adopts 1200 bar/mm high-performance grating.
  • New light control system makes the instrument light switch more quickly.
  • Instrument adopts 320 * 240 lattice highlighted LCD display, direct display scan map, the screen interface simple, convenient use.
  • Socket xenon lamp and tungsten lamp design, after change light no need optical debugging.
  • Large sample chamber, can accommodate 5-100mm various specifications of the cuvette.
  • Can be directly connected to the printer to print patterns and the experimental data.
  • Optional disk automatic 8 joint cuvettes holder.

Technical Specifications

Optical system: CT grating monochromatic
Wavelength range: 190 nm – 1100nm
Wavelength accuracy: 0.5 nm
Spectral bandwidth 2 nm
Wavelength repeatability: <=0.2 nm
Stray light: <= 0.05%T
Photometric accuracy: +/- 0.5%T
Photometric rang: -0.3A-3A
Stability: +/- 0.001 A/h @500nm
Scanning speed: Fast, Mid, Slow
Data output: Printer or USB export
Display modes: 320*240 LCD
Zero setting automatic
Software support: Optional
Instrument size: 590*460*220mm
Weight: 25 kg


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