Ultrasonic Flaw Detector With Narrow Band Filters (SNR)

GAOTek ultrasonic flaw detector with echo envelop enables to detect the flaw and position located with anti-interference




GAOTek ultrasonic flaw detector with echo envelop enables to detect the flaw and position located with anti-interference

Key Features

  • Memory Key for storing, plug and play
  • Connecting with memory key direct, no need software, plug and play, helping you to get rid of cable.
  • Two-dimensional coding from scanning, the flaw will be showed directly.
  • X series UFD-5 has broken out the one dimensional wave, adopting two-dimensional coding fro scanning. This makes detecting easily, the result will be showed directly, this matter reduces ergo and missing, improving the speed for detecting.
  • Large Memory:3,200 data groups
  • Combining the flaw detector and high accuracy thickness measuring, economic and convenient.
  • Intelligent DAC curves, measured up to JIS and API standard.
  • Used DGS curve: Flat bottomed, flat-bottomed hole, through holes as references




Technical Specifications

Measuring range 0.03~590.5 in (1.0~15000mm )
Resolution 0.000393 in (3.93 in )(0.01mm(<100mm))
Velocity 500~2000m/s       20 fixed sound velocity
Display delay -20~3400us resolution: 0.1us
Probe delay 0~99us resolution: 0.01us
Auto calibration Measurement and setting of sound velocity and probe delay using two known calibration echoes (2-point calibration )
Linear error Horizontal linearity error≤0.1%    Vertical linearity error ≤3%
Dynamic range ≥36dB
Sensitivity leavings ≥64dB 200mmФ2 flat-bottomed hole
Dimension 9.44X7.08X1.96 in (240×180×50 mm)
Weight 4.188 lbs.(1.9Kg)(including battery pack)
Working environment Temperature: 32F~140F(0℃~60℃)  Humidity: 20%~90%
Transmission Pulse
Drive Pulse Negative pulse/Square Wave
Pulse Width 50~2000ns
Pulse Amplitude 50-500v
Pulse repetition frequency Pulse repetition frequency  PRF could be adjusted
Damping 50/150/250/400Ω
Receiving System
Testing mode Pulse echo/ transmitting and receiving /transmission
Measuring mode Peak /Verge
Gain 0 to 110dB  Customers define steps 0/0.2/0.5/1/2/6/12
Detector Pattern RF/full-wave/positive /negative half- wave
Frequency bandwidth 0.3~1 / 0.5~4 /2~15MHz broad band filter

1/2.5/5/10/15 MHz narrow band filter

LCD Wide temperature high-light TET color LCD  5.7″ industrial class
Backlight 5 grades could be chosen
Display refresh frequency Not less than 60Hz
GUI theme 5 GUI color themes: simple/classical/gray/bright light/ dark light Customers could choose theme by setting color of characters A wave scan coordinate color background
Gate /Measuring /Alarm
Gate  Two separated gates A/B
Measuring Value 5 value display areas one of them is mainly area. Chosen measuring content SA/SB/DA/DB/PA/PB/A%A/A%B/dBtA/dBtB/dBrA/dBrB/SBA/DBA/PBA/LA/LB
Alarm All gates could  alarm  logically  and independently
Channel parameters 20 groups
A-scan wave 3200 group
Thickness value 320000linear
Wave Video 10 min
Reference wave 4
Probe cable LEMO/BNC
Communication RS232/USB
Time Real time date and time
Unit mm/inch
Battery High power lithium battery capable of preventing over-charge and over-discharge
Power Indicator Monitor power based on coulombmeter showing remaining capacity of battery via percentage  and  battery life
Working time Continuous working over 20 hours
Power adapter Input 100~240V/50~60Hz  output  9VDC/4A
High Grade
Dynamic Echo Digital Nature Simulation Performance
Memory key Store 3 kinds of data report screenshot wave thickness value
Grate Analysis the details of the wide gate area
two-dimensional coding B scanning Thickness/ Shape scanning Gray/Color board Design
Echo Coding Two chosen coding matter: coordinate/waveform it is convenient to calculate span
Freezing Curve All/peak value/contract/envelope/delay envelope
Feature Indicator Measuring of the sound distance wave front & amplitude
CSC Curve Calibration Value correction according to probe angle thickness of pieces and curvature diameter
Lock Single menu independently lock to avoid system adjust related data;

Data group could lock to avoid wrong delete

Screen saver Standby/Character/Power Off
Equivalent curve
DAC curve Recording 30 calibration points; auto gain; any order calibration; two correction matter calibration/edit ; considering of material attenuation and surface saving factor; 5 estimate curves of adjusted gain comply to JIS&API standard
DGS Curve DGS Curve fits to three references includes flat bottomed flat-bottomed hole through holes; considering of material attenuation and surface saving factor estimating flaw matter; equivalent size/equivalent gain/percentage;

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