Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Coupling State (Data)




Key Features

  • Able to measure the ultrasonic velocity in turn if the thickness value is known in order to improve the measurement precision
  • Pre-sets the upper limit and the lower limit for the thickness, alarm when the value is beyond the limit.
  • Coupling state indicating in the display
  • With LED backlight of display for easy reading in dark environment

Technical Specifications


Measuring Range 0.75-300mm
Displaying Accuracy 0.01mm
Measuring Error 1mm-10mm: ±0.04mm 10mm-200mm: (±0.5%H+0.1) mm
Measurement Period 4 times per second
Measurement Frequency 5MHz, 2MHz, 7MHz
Ultrasonic Velocity 1000-9999m/s
Display FSTN digital LCD with cold back light
Working Voltage 1.5V x 3 AAA
Data Memory 500 Readings
Overall Dimension 155mm x 68mm x 27mm
Weight 230g

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