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SFP+ DWDM Transceivers

GAOTek’s SFP+ DWDM (Small Form-Factor Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) transceivers are reliable and efficient devices designed for use in 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Being a leading supplier of advanced engineering equipment, all our products embody our brand promise of quality and safety at an affordable price.


SFP+ transceivers support 2-wire serial communication as defined in SFP MSA. They offer increased bandwidth through a greater number of channels and narrower spacing between channels. SFP+ serial ID provides identification information about transceiver capabilities, standard interfaces and manufacturer. The SFP MSA outlines a 256-byte memory map in EEPROM, accessible over a 2-wire serial interface at the 8 bit address 1010000X (A0h). The digital diagnostic monitoring interface of SFP+ DWDM transceivers uses the 8 bit address 1010001X (A2h), hence the original serial ID memory map remains as-is.


GAOTek’s SFP+ DWDM transceivers are hot pluggable devices with form factor specification compliant with SFF-8432. They have a DWDM EML type transmitter, and a PIN type or APD type receiver, along with a preamplifier. They provide digital diagnostic functions via a 2 wire serial interface. The transceiver houses a Digital Diagnostics Transceiver Controller (DDTC) to monitor diagnostic information. Memory is organized in a series of 8-bit data strings. These devices are carefully designed for low power dissipation.


SFP+ DWDM transceivers are widely deployed in dark fiber projects along with a passive multiplexer. They are designed for 10G Ethernet. Specific applications include:

  1.          10GBASE-ER/EW and 10G Ethernet
  2.          10GBASE-ZR/ZW
  3.          SDH STM64

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