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Highly Accurate Parallel Data Acquisition Module for Time-phase Acquisition

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its parallel data acquisition module which is designed for time-phase sensitive acquisition. It allows for quick and easy data acquisition and control to be carried out using a computer.

This parallel data acquisition module, model A0K00002, features a small-sized structure, stacked connection, simple bus drive and high accuracy with phase consistency. This instrument is designed with a standard PC104 board card which contains 2 independent programmable gain channels and 3 triggering sources: (software) manual, external and internal triggering.

This parallel data acquisition module is equipped with two high-speed 40 MS/s ADCs with 12 bit A/D resolution and has a memory depth of 4 M/ch which can be extended to 8 M/ch or 16 M/ch. It has a wide sampling rate ranging from 1 k to 40 M with a low inter-channel phase difference of less than 1°. In addition, it is compatible with various operating systems including Windows 95/98/ME and Windows 2000/XP.

This parallel data acquisition module belongs to GAO’s family of PC104 Data Acquisition Module. Another featured product in this line is Parallel Data Acquisition Module model A0K00001, which has similar features and functions with this product and boasts a sampling rate ranging from 1 k to 20 M. It is equipped with demo source code provided for common development platforms to support technical development.

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