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Portable DC Ground Fault Locator with High-Precision Test Clamp

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its easy-to-use portable DC ground fault locator which can be applied to DC systems of any voltage class. It is specially designed for use in power generation, distribution, and industrial applications where lines have high capacitive reactance, electromagnetic, and electrostatic fields.

This portable DC ground fault locator, model A0E10003, features a high-precision test clamp, a high signal sampling resolution of up to 0.1 mA and direct current clamp meter. It uses advanced computation methods and fuzzy logic to rapidly and accurately display the insulation level of a tested circuit branch providing an insulation index and waveform.

This easy-to-operate DC ground fault locator has a greatly enhanced detection range and anti-jamming capability through efficient processing of a variety of signals. It not only focuses on performing fault testing for indirect grounding, non-metal grounding, loop grounding, positive and negative grounding, positive and negative balance grounding and multipoint grounding in DC systems efficiently, but also accurately displays system voltage, voltage to ground and ground resistance. It also detects sensitive ground leakage and indicates direction of the ground point. In addition, an insulation alarm threshold value can be set by the user.

This high performance portable DC ground fault locator belongs to GAO’s family of Earth Ground Testers. This line also includes  Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester, Single Clamp Earth Tester, and Handheld Earth Ground Tester which is an ideal tool for utility engineers or technicians, electrical contractors or earth ground professionals. This line of earth ground testers is widely used in detecting reliable ground connections and measuring earth ground resistance.

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