XDS510 USB 2.0 Enhanced TI DSP Emulator with Fast EmulationSpeed

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its XDS510 USB 2.0 enhanced TI DSP emulator which supports drivers for both CCS3.3 and CCS2.x. It emulates TI’s TMS320C2000/3000/5000/6000 as well as C3X/4X/5X/8X, OMAP1510/1610/1710/2420/310/5910.

This easy-to-install TI DSP emulator, model B0M00003, runs under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP operating systems and is equipped with a standard high-speed USB 2.0 interface and JTAG emulation interface that saves computer resources. It features a compact size, plug-and-play operation, a high operating speed and multi-DSP emulation.

This hot-pluggable TI DSP emulator boasts a high emulating speed and performs real time data exchange (RTDX) with data transfer rates of up to 480 MB/s. It is self-regulated to the DSP voltage of the target board and is capable of preventing the system from crashing and becoming non-rebootable when the power of target board goes off. In addition, it offers flash programming for F28x/F240x/F24x/F20x.

This XDS510 USB 2.0 Enhanced TI DSP Emulator belongs to GAO’s family of TI DSP Emulators &Debuggers. This line of products also includes JTAG Scan Path TI DSP Emulator Pod which supports TI DSP and Microcontrollers with JTAG interface (C2xx, C24x, F240x, F28xx, VC33, C4x, C5x, C54xx, C55xx, C6xxx, C64xx, TMS470, OMAP) and is suitable for debugging hardware, debugging software as well as flash programming, and XDS510 USB Plus JTAG Emulator which is a DSP development tool (DSP emulator) which uses XDS560 JTAG technology to greatly improve its stability and anti-interference capabilities.

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