Black and White Densitometer with Accurate Reading



Key Features

● Standard Step Density Tablet
● Comes with a Software CD
● Power Line
● Comes with a Carrying Case
● Operating Manual included

Technical Specifications

Range of density D=0.00~4.00
Measuring Error 0.00~3.00   ±0.02

3.00~4.00   ±0.03


Reading Stability  


Measurement Area 2mm (Diameter of the Aperture Hole)
Sampling time 0.8s
Displaying Mode Three digital displaying
Power consumption ≤25W
Working Temperature 0℃~40℃, Relative humidity ≤85%
Power 50~60Hz, 220V±10%
Dimension: 260×265×110 cm  (102.36 X 104.33 X 43.30 in)
Weight 2.1kg


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