Conductivity Meter with Various Range Types (High Accuracy)




Key Features

  • Electrode constant compensation
  • Manual temperature compensation
  • Output signal (0-10)mV

Technical Specifications

Accuracy of the electronic unit +/-1.0%(FS) +/-1bit
Accuracy of the meter +/-105(FS) +/-1bit
Range of temp compensation 5-35℃
Power supply AC 110V/60Hz
Range Types Measurement Range Resolution
2μS/cm (0.001~2)μS/cm 0.001μS/cm
20μS/cm (0.01~20)μS/cm 0.01μS/cm
200μS/cm (0.1~200)μS/cm 0.1μS/cm
2mS/cm (0.001~2)μS/cm 0.001mS/cm
20mS/cm (0.01~20)μS/cm 0.01mS/cm


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