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Flaw Detector with Auto Calibration Fn (5 Measuring Value)
Flaw Detector with Auto Calibration Fn (5 Measuring Value)

Flaw Detector with Auto Calibration Fn (5 Measuring Value)





Key Features

  • 5 measuring value display area, 1 main display area for amplifying display, 17 kinds of value types to choose from.
  • 2 independent gate, can be measured independently, and can also be combined measurement.
  • The probe automatic calibration function: “zero”, “K”, “front” and “velocity” material.
  • Testing repeated firing frequency can be divided into five regulation.
  • Real-time video function testing process.
  • The 5 menu color schemes for users to choose, can choose the imperial.
  • B scanning function, clearly show the longitudinal section of the shape of defects.
  • Using the file management system, dynamic data storage, 100 independent detection channels, 300 containing A Scan image inspection report.
  • Intelligent DAC curve: arbitrary sequential calibration, automatic generation and can block fabrication, can be corrected and compensation; considering material attenuation and surface compensation factor; offset curve can be adjusted, consistent with domestic, foreign inspection standard; 6dB DAC function.
  • AVG curves are generated automatically, identify the highest wave automatic conversion value aperture, automatic calculation of large flat.
  • TCG curve, the depth of the automatic compensation function.
  • Automatic gain, echo envelope, peak memory function to improve the inspection efficiency.
  • Inside the gate, the sound and light alarm, DAC alarm.
  • Shell, IP65 standard aluminum magnesium alloy is firm and durable, waterproof and dustproof, anti-interference ability, excellent safety and environmental protection.
  • High capacity lithium ion battery, long standby time, continue to work more than 9 hours.
  • Can communicate with the computer, computer data management, and can guide the Excel format, A4 paper inspection report.

Technical Specifications

Flaw detection sensitivity ≥ 66dB (deep 200mm Ф 2 flat-bottomed hole)
Resolution ≥ 40dB (2.5P20)
Vertical linearity error ≤ 3%
Horizontal linear error ≤ 0.2%
Dynamic range ≥ 32dB
Frequency range (MHz): 0.5 ~ 20
Gain control (dB): 0 ~ 120
The electric noise level ≤ 6%
Material velocity (m/s): 1000 ~ 18000
Repetitive firing frequency (Hz) 100 ~ 1000 (adjustable)
Working mode single, double, transmission
Pulse shift (s) -20 ~ +3400
Probe zero (s) 0 ~ 99.99
Interface type BNC / LEMO
Dimensions 8.2 x 6.14 x 1.4 in (210 x 156 x 38mm)

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