Flaw Detector with High Performance Battery (Low Error Rate)



Key Features

  • English operation key film, simple and easy to understand.
  • All Chinese display, master-slave menu, and the design of shortcut keys and digital jog knob, easy operation and advanced technology.
  • Digital true color LCD display (TFT), select the background color according to the environment and waveform color LCD brightness can be set freely.
  • High-performance battery module for easy removal of security, independence offline charging, high-capacity high-performance lithium-ion battery module make the instrument continuously extended to more than eight hours.
  • Light and small portable instrument, which can be gripped with one hand, durable, lead the industry trend.

Technical Specifications

Detection range:  (0~9999) inch
Working frequency:  (0.25~20) MHz
Velocity range:  (1000~9999) mile/s
Dynamic Range: ≥36dB
Vertical linearity error: ≤2.5%
Level linearity error: ≤0.1%
Resolution power: >40dB(5P14)
Sensitivity Surplus: 62dB (deep 7.87inchФ2 flat bottom hole)
Digital suppression:  (0 to 80) %, does not affect the linearity and gain
Electric noise level: ≤10%
Testing channels: 100 groups testing the working channel。
Probe Interface: Q9-Q9
Probe Type: Straight probe, Oblique probe, duals, penetrating probe (compatible with 4 kinds of series of different specifications of the probe)
Sluice gate: Into the gates, lost wave gate; single gate reading, double gate reading
Call the police: Beep alarm, LED light alarm
Power supply: Direct current (DC) 9V; lithium continuously for more than 6 to 8 hours
Dimensions:10.35×6.69×2.40 (inch)
Ambient temperature: (-14~144) F
Relative humidity: (20~95) %RH


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