GAOTek ADSS Fiber Optic Outdoor Self-supporting Aerial Cable FBC-104

This ADSS Fiber Optic Outdoor Self-supporting Aerial Cable is designed for easy and economical installation in campus backbones or LANs with self-supporting installations where metallic messengers cannot be used.



  • The cable supports tension strength over 90 KN.
  • Supports electric trace resistant outer sheath to run safely under a circumstance of space electric field (E) <=25 KV/m.
  • The cables can adapt easily in any type of bad weather conditions.
  • Supports loose cover GYTA cable core; non-metallic core can be reinforced.
  • A power line failure doesn’t influence the cable’s normal transfer.
  • The cable supports a small cable diameter which makes it light weight.
  • Supports up to 4921.26 ft. (1500 m) span and has low attached load on the tower.
  • Supports aramid fiber which makes the cable a good insulator.
  • Supports anti-thunder and anti-gun fire characteristics.

Technical Specifications

Fiber Count48
Size of Tube0.10 in (2.6 mm)
Cable Diameter0.58 in (14.9 mm)
RTS44.3 kN
Cable Weight172 kg/km
Tension Strength90 KN
ADSS with grade A sheath (Parts)
Order Type ModelADSS-PE 24 M15.5/AADSS-PE48 M17.7/CADSS-PE72 M 21.2/D
Fiber Count244872
Size of Tube0.08 in (2.1 mm)0.1 in (2.6 mm)0.12 in (3.0 mm)
Cable Diameter0.52 in (13.4 mm)0.58 in (14.9 mm)0.64 in (16.4 mm)
Cable Weight306 lbs/mile

(139 kg/km)

379 lbs/mile

(172 kg/km)

460 lbs/mile

(209 kg/km)

RTS38.8 kN44.3 kN56.6 kN
Linear Expansion Coefficient2.2 x 10-6 C2.0 x 10-6 C1.8 x 10-6 C
Young’s Modulus16.5 kN/ mm217.5 kN/ mm218.6 kN/ mm2
ADSS with grade B sheath (Parts)
Order Type ModelADSS-AT 24 M14/AADSS-AT48 M15.2/CADSS-AT72 M 21.2/D
Fiber Count244872
Size of Tube0.08 in (2.1 mm)0.1 in (2.6 mm)0.12 in (3.0 mm)
Cable Diameter0.51 in (13.2 mm)0.56 in (14.3 mm)0.64 in (16.3 mm)
Cable Weight321 lbs/mile

(146 kg/km)

372 lbs/mile

(169 kg/km)

485 lbs/mile

(220 kg/km)

RTS35 kN37.9 kN52.9 kN
Linear Expansion Coefficient4.5 x 10-6  C4.8 x 10-6 C3.6 x 10-6  C
Young’s Modulus15.5 kN/mm214.9 kN/mm217.9 kN/mm2
Optical fiber characteristics (G.655C)








Attenuation @ 850 nm≤2.3 dB/km (max.)≤2.5 dB/km (max.)
Attenuation @ 1300 nm≤0.5 dB/km (max.)≤0.7 dB/km (max.)
Zero Dispersion Wavelength≤1520 nm
Zero Dispersion Slope2

≤0.084 ps/nm,km

Polarization Mode Dispersion(PMD)≤0.08 ps/km
Cable Cut-off Wavelength(λcc)≤1450 nm
Macro bending Loss

(1 turn; Ф32 mm) @1550 nm

(100 turns; Ф60 mm) @1625 nm

(100 turns; Ф 50 mm) @1310 & @1625 nm


≤0.05 dB


≤0.05 dB


≤0.05 dB

Mode Field Diameter@1550 nm9.6±0.5 μm



Cladding Diameter50.0±3.0 μm62.5±3.0 μm
Core/clad concentricity error≤0.6 μm
Cladding Non-Circularity≤1.0%



Proof Test level≥1.2%
Fiber Curl Radius≥4.0 m
Peak Coating Strip Force0.9 ~ 6.8 N

Additional Information


  • Can be used to erect on the same pole with power line in new and old power line.
  • Used for a long-life span.
  • Used mostly in areas of strong electric field or multi-thunder.

 Cable Structural Diagram

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