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GAOTek ADSS Optical Fiber Cable PVC Outer Jacket


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GAOTek ADSS Optical Fiber Cable PVC Outer Jacket is designed with single mode fiber optic cable which has diameter 0.43 in (11.0 mm) and fiber count as 48. The outer jacket is made of PVC material which protects the fiber against micro-bending losses and against abrasion. GAOTek ADSS Optical Fiber Cable meets the requirements for optical fiber shall be mainly in accordance with ITU-T G.652D standards .It has optical fiber core, with a higher refractive index compared to the cladding and is  made of SiO2(Silicon dioxide) doped with GeO2 (Germanium dioxide). It offers an UV-curable acrylate as primary coating. It provides ADSS type of optical fiber cable which is strong enough to support itself between structures without using conductive metal elements.


  • Low insertion loss
  • High return loss (low amounts of reflection at the interface)
  • Ease of installation
  • Low cost
  • Reliability
  • Low environmental sensitivity
  • 10-GbE multimode and single mode optical networks
  • Intra-building backbone and horizontal fiber interconnections
  • Inter-building OSP entrance terminations
  • Data Center and WAN main cross-connect terminations
  • Quick deployment remote data links
  • Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTX)
  • Low reflection angle polish single mode applications.

Technical Specifications

Optical Characteristics
  Conditions Specified Values
Mode Field Diameter 1310 nm
1550 nm
9.2 ± 0.4 µm
10.4 ± 0.8 µm
Cut-off Wavelength ≤1260 nm
Attenuation Coefficient 1310 nm
1383 nm
1550 nm
≤ 0.35 dB/km
≤ 0.34 dB/km
≤ 0.22 dB/km
Macro Bending Loss Φ 2.36 in (60 mm),100 circles,
@ 1550 nm
≤ 0.05 dB
Attenuation Non-Uniformity ≤ 0.05 dB
Dispersion Coefficient 1288 nm ~ 1339 nm
1271 nm ~ 1360 nm
1550 nm
≤ 3.5 ps/(nm, km)
≤ 5.3 ps/(nm, km)
≤ 18 ps/(nm, km)
Zero Dispersion Wavelength 1300 nm ~ 1324 nm
Max Zero Dispersion Slope ≤ 0.093 ps/(nm2, km)
Group Index of Refraction
(typical value)
1310 nm
1550 nm
Cladding Diameter 125.0 ±1.0 µm
Core/Cladding Concentricity Error ≤0.8 µm
Applicable Standard IEC 61754-4
TIA 604-3
IEC 61754-20
TIA 604-10-A
IEC 61754-20
TIA 604-10-A
IEC 61754-20
TIA 604-10-A
Mechanical Performance
Pulling Load (N) 100 100 100 100
Mating Cycles 1000 1000 1000 1000
Working Temperature -40 °F ~ 185 °F (-40 °C ~ + 85 °C)
Housing Color
SM PC Blue Blue Blue Blue
SM APC Green Green Green Green

Additional Information

International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) 

  1. 650 Definition and Test Methods for the Relevant Parameters of Single-Mode Fibers.
  2. 652 Characteristics of Zero-Dispersion No-Shifted Single-Mode Optical Fiber Cable.
  3. 655 Characteristics of a Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Single-Mode Optical Fiber Cable.

International Electro technical Commission
IEEE Std 1222 TM, IEEE Standard for All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cable.

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