GAOTek Concrete Flaw Detector Tester

This Concrete Flaw Detector Tester has 5.7 in TFT color touch screen display, 4 different communication interfaces, working time of more than 4 hours.




  • Quick detection of the integrity of basic pile continuous wall with Ultrasonic Penetration Method
  • Testing depth of concrete fractures, quality of combined surface, thickness of surface damage layer, internal defect of steel pipe concrete, empty areas, and cellular empty with Ultrasonic Method
  • Testing of wells using a Single Hole, single Emitter, double Receiver Method
  • Testing the mechanical properties of nonmetal materials such as Geological survey, rock, concrete, etc.


Technical Specifications

Master unit Built to A8 industrial motherboard
Display 5.7 in, high brightness, TFT color LCD capacitive screen
Operation method Button + touch screen
Storage method Built to in electronic hard drive (≥ 4GB) + large capacity U disk
Trigger mode Signal triggered
Acoustic accuracy 0.025 μs
Acoustic range ±1677700 μs
Dynamic range 154 dB
Bandwidth 3 KHz to 450 KHz
Receiving sensitivity ≤10 μV
Gain accuracy 0.5 dB
Emission voltage 65, 250, 500, 1000
Communication Interface USB, Mini USB, Wi Fi, Blue tooth
Working time ≥5 hrs
Host Dimensions 8.27 in x 5.87 in x 2.36 in (210 mm × 149 mm × 60 mm)
Host weight 3 lb (1.36 kg) (with built in battery)


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