GAOTek Dual-Channel Portable Digital Oscilloscope

This Dual Channel Portable Digital Oscilloscope has channels of 2, bandwidth of 50 MHz, memory depth of 25 kpts, and rise time of ≤7 ns.



Technical Specifications

Channels 2
Bandwidth 25 MHz or 50 MHz
Sample Rate 250 MS/s or 500 MS/s
Rise Time ≤14 ns or ≤7 ns
Memory Depth 25 kpts
Waveform Acquisition Rate ≥2000 wfms/s
Vertical Sensitivity 1 mV/div or 20 V/div
Time base Range 10 ns/div or 50s/div or 5 ns/div or 50 s/div
Storage Setup, Wave, Bitmap or Setup, Wave, Bitmap
Trigger Modes Edge, Pulse, Video, Alternate / Edge, Pulse, Alternate
Interface USB OTG or USB OTG, Pass or Fail


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