GAOTek DWDM Muxponder

This DWDM Muxponder has 1 or 2 slot number, range covers 191.35 THz to 196.1 THz wavelength adjustable and 60 W typical power consumption.



Technical Specifications

Slot number 1 or 2 slot
Line side Support 1 CFP2-DCO module hot-swap
Wavelength adjustable Range covers 191.35 THz to 196.1 THz

Support 50 GHz,75 GHz, 100 GHz adjustable

Time delay measurment Support
Client side Support 2 QSFP-28 modules hot-pluggable, and 10 SFP+ modules hot-pluggable
Typical power consumption 60 W
LLDP Support
Performance monitoring and alarm monitoring Support OTN performance monitoring and alarm monitoring functions

Support optical module temperature, current, optical power monitoring, etc.

Support Ethernet RMON monitoring

Support Telemetry


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