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GAOTek EDFA C Band Pre Amplifier




GAOTek EDFA C Band Pre Amplifier is designed for amplifying optical transmission system and supports Single wavelength application in Pre Amplifier and C-Band Multi wavelength application. It is used to regenerate optical signals at C-band without optical-electrical-optical conversion, and can further extend the transmission distance of signals.It is an Erbium doped fiber amplifier service board that supports both WDM and SDH/ PDH transmission systems. Also with this type of amplifier, WDM transmission can be achieved by using DWDM multiplexer or de-multiplexer, which is especially suitable for long-distance trunk line networks. The Amplifier is also suitable for MAN (metropolitan area network), access networks and various SDH/PDH transmission systems.


  • Supports amplification through two stages. OADM or DCM modules can be accessed in the middle.
  • Supports Single as well as Multi Wavelength Applications.
  • It also supports adjustable gain but this is an optional feature.
  • The Amplifier supports both high and flat gains.
  • Parameters can be set and viewed in the graphical interface.
  • It has low noise so that there are fewer disturbances.
  • ACC, APC and AGC are optionally supported features.
  • Compact structure and modular design which supports hot plug.

Technical Specifications

Pre-Amplifier (PA): Single Wavelength Application
Item Minimum Value Typical Value Maximum Value
Operating Wavelength Tuneable Filter 1530 nm 1560 nm
Fixed Wavelength Filter 1550.12 nm
Output Optical Power -7 dBm 16 dBm
Input Optical Power (Affected by rate) -38 dBm -4 dBm
Adjustment Range of Output Optical Power 6 dB
Noise Figure 4.5 dB
Input/ Output Return Loss 45 dB
Input/ Output Isolation 30 dB
 C Band: Without Intermediate Stage – Multi Wavelength Application
Item Minimum Value Typical Value Maximum Value
Operating Wavelength   16 wavelengths 1546 nm 1561 nm
32 wavelengths 1535 nm 1562 nm
40 wavelengths 1528 nm 1565 nm
Input Optical Power -38 dBm -5 dBm
Output Optical Power 23 dBm
Gain 5 dB 16 dB 33 dB
Noise Figure 4.5 dB
Gain Flatness 1 dB


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