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GAOTek Fiber Optic FTTH Drop Cable LSZH Jacket


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GAOTek Fiber Optic FTTH Drop Cable LSZH Jacket is designed to be used for connections between the dome closure, small dwelling unit/warehouse and independent homes which is made up of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics), steel wire and a LSZH outer jacket. This self-supporting FTTH drop cable is constructed with one or two single-mode fibers (G.657A). Its self-supporting structure makes the cable light weight and easy for installation. The optical fiber unit is positioned in the center and the cable is completed with a black or colored LSZH sheath.


  • The cable’s Novel design makes it easy to strip and splice.
  • Its design simplifies installation and maintenance of the cable.
  • Supports low smoke zero halogen and flame-retardant LSZH sheath.
  • Supports two parallel FRP strength members to ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber.
  • Its simple structure makes the cable light weight with high practicality.
  • Supports steel wire as additional strength member that has high tensile strength.

Technical Specifications

Cable Count 2
Out Sheath Diameter 0.11 x 0.07 in (3.0 x 2.0 mm)
Weight 17.63 lbs. (8 Kg)
Minimum allowable 

Tensile Strength (N)

Short term 600
Long Term 200
Minimum allowable 

Crush Load (N/100mm)

Short term 1000
Long Term 300
Minimum Bending 

Radius (MM)

Short term 20 D
Long Term 10 D
Storage Temperature 104 °F (40 °C)
Optical Characteristics


Fiber Sort

Multimode G.651 A1 a:50/125 µm Graded-index fiber
A1 b:62.5/125 µm
Single mode G.652 (A, B, C) B1.1: Conventional fiber
G.652D B2: Zero dispersion shifted
G.655 B1.2: Cut-off wavelength shifted
G.657 (A1, A2, B3) B4: Main technical data for

positive dispersion shifted single-mode fiber

Additional Information


  • Widely used in FTTH applications.
  • Used for high speed optical applications in buildings and independent homes.
  • In optical communication technology, used for outdoor aerial applications.
  • Used for high performance optical network operations.

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