GAOTek Opacity Meter




GAOTek Opacity Meter is a special instrument for measuring the whiteness of objects. It is widely used in papermaking, printing, textile printing and dyeing, building materials, chemical, food, salt and other industries and other production and commodity inspection departments that need to measure the whiteness of objects.



  • Advanced circuit design ensures accurate and stable measurement data
  • Power-off protection function retains calibration data after power loss
  • Equipped with a standard RS232 interface for communication with PC software
  • Measures D65 brightness (R457 blue light whiteness)
  • Measures the degree of fluorescent whitening produced by fluorescent substances
  • Measures brightness stimulus value Y10, which is the green diffuse reflection factor
  • Measures optical density and lead core concentration (customized for small caliber)
  • Offers a variety of measurement capabilities for comprehensive analysis


Technical Specifications

Power Supply AC (100 V to 240 V), (50/60) Hz,50W
Working Environment Temperature 50
Display 128 X 32 dot matrix LCD screen
Light source Analog D65
Integrating sphere Diameter 5.9 in (150 mm)
Sample Size Test plate diameter ≥ φ 1.18 (30 mm) in while sample thickness ≤ 1.58 in (40.13 mm)
Zero Drift ≤ 0.1
Indicating Drift ≤ 0.5
Repetitive Accuracy ≤ 0.02(10 consecutive tests at intervals of 10 s)
Specular Reflectance Accuracy ≤ 0.1
Dimension 14.370 in x 10.236 in x 16.732 in (365 mm × 260 mm × 425 mm)
Net Weight 26.455 lb. (12000 g) around


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