GAOTek Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector has 5.7 in TFT color diplay, storage of 100 waveform data and working frequency of 0.2 MHz to 15 MHz.




  • independent flaw detection channels, which can freely set and store various flaw detection processes and standards, and can store 100 flaw detection waveform signals and data
  • real time dynamic color recording with recording time up to 50 minutes
  • There are two scanning modes: A-scan and b-thickness scan
  • Square wave pulse generator: adjustable pulse width, suitable for detecting the defects of different materials and different depth workpieces;
  • DAC curve making
  • 5.7 in TFT color display, users can set the screen color according to the environment
  • Compatible with single crystal straight, single crystal oblique, double crystal and transmission probes
  • Three detection modes: positive half wave, negative half wave and full wave
  • It has automatic calibration function of straight probe and angle probe, which is easy to use;
  • functions such as defect peak memory to assist in qualitative judgment of defects
  • audible and visual alarm and low power alarm can be set for gate, curve wave in, wave loss and other conditions
  • main menu and submenu are displayed in the same window. Clear at a glance, easy to operate, easy to find


Technical Specifications

Working frequency 0.2 MHz to 15 MHz
Sound speed range 1000 m / S to 9999 m / S
Gain range 0 dB to 110 dB
Sampling frequency 100 MHz
Display delay – 20 μ s to + 3400 μ s
Probe bias 0 μ s to 99.99 μ s
Electric noise level ≤ 10%
Sensitivity margin > 62 db
Resolution > 40 dB
Vertical linear error ≤ 3%
Horizontal linear error ≤ 0.1%
Dynamic range ≥ 32 dB
Battery 6 V × 3.7 V (lithium battery)
Power supply 8.4 V
Size 9.1 in x 6.7 in x 2.2 in (23 mm × 17 mm × 5.5 mm)
Weight 3.4 in (1.56 kg)


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