GAOTek Portable Industrial Endoscope

This Portable Industrial Endoscope has 2600 mAh x 2 battery, 1 A maximum current, ≥8h working time and field of view of 120 °.



Technical Specifications

Display 16:9
Camera Pixels 450,000
Waterproof I967 (Probe Objective lens Pipeline)
Menu language Dozens of languages
Illuminance 25000 Lx
Camera 0.23 (6 mm)
Depth of field 0.39 in to 3.93 in (10 mm to 100 mm)
Field of view 120 °
Video input AHD analog high-definition signal (support CVBS signal) input
External charge DC 12 V (Input voltage AC 100 V to 240 V, Output voltage
DC:12.5 V, Current 3000 mA)
Complete system power 20 W (Max)
Battery capacity: 2600 mAh x 2, Incharge: DS 5 V,
Maximum current 1 A
Working time ≥8h


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