GAOTek Sound Level Meter with Wide Frequency Range (Accurate, Type 2)

This Sound Level Meter with Wide Frequency Range (Accurate, Type 2)  from 31.5 Hz ~ 8.5 KHz  is designed to measure sound pressure level in decibel(dB) which is widely used in sound quality control.




GAOTek Sound Level Meter with Wide Frequency Range (Accurate, Type 2) from 31.5 Hz ~ 8.5 KHz  is designed to measure sound pressure level in decibel(dB) which is widely used in sound quality control. This equipment has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of safety engineers, health, industrial safety offices which helps in measuring environmental noise in factory, office, home, school, restaurant, traffic, hospital and construction site etc. This device has highly accurate measuring degree with 1.5 dB difference up and down guarantees its performance and value. It provides energy-saving and environment friendly with its automatic backlight display. This portable device is made of high-quality material where the outer shell is strong and uneasy to crack or break.

Key Features

  • Wide measurement range: 30 ~ 130 dB
  • High Accuracy up to 1.5 dB
  • This unit was designed according to following standards:
    International electrician committee standard: IEC PUB 651 TYPE2
    US national standard: ANSI S1.4 TYPE2
  • Modern with Wide dynamic range, portable Compact and pocket-size Instantaneous Sound Measure Function
  • Frequency weighting characteristic
  • Equipped with sponge ball to filter-out unwanted signals.
  • Max reading hold
  • Frequency range from 31.5 Hz to 8.5 KHz
  • Auto power off function is smart and convenient
  • Auto backlight with LCD display
  • Low battery indication
  • Powered by 9V Battery (not included)
  • Handheld design with ergonomic principle is easy to operate
  • Approved by CE/ROHS/FCC standard

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range 30 dBA ~ 130 dBA
Accuracy ±1.5 dB (94 dB @ 1 KHz)
Frequency Range 31.5 Hz ~ 8.5 KHz
Frequency Weighting A
Digital Display 4 digits
Resolution 0.1 dB
Sample Rate 2 times/second
Microphone 1/2 inch electret condenser microphone
Power Supply 9 V Battery
Power Life About 30 hours
Humidity < 80 % RH
Operating Condition 32 °F ~ 104 °F (0 °C ~ 40 °C)
Storage Condition 14 °F ~ 140 °F (-10 °C ~ 60 °C )
Dimension 2.24 in x 1.02 in x 5.86 in (57 mm x 26 mm x 149 mm)
Weight 5.07 oz. (144 g, including battery)

Additional Information

Function Description:

  1. Electret Condenser Microphone.
  2. LCD Display.
  3. ON/OFF button
  4. Maximum value hold button. (MAX)
  5. Light sensor
  6. Tripod mounting nut
  7. Potentiometer
  8. Windscreen

LCD Display


  1. Low battery indication
  2. Measuring Value
  3. Maximum value icon
  4. Measuring unit: dBA


  1. Open the battery door and install 9V battery into the battery compartment.
  2. Cover the battery door.
  3. When Low battery mark “” appears, please rep- laced with a new 9V battery.


Standard measure mode:
Press to turn on the unit the LCD will display full screen for 1 second. Then it starts to measure the current sound level. The reading will change according to the sound level of the current environment.

Max hold:
Press “MAX” to lock the maximum sound level, the sound level will be locked until the higher value appears to replace. Press “MAX” again to go back the standard measure mode.

Auto backlight display:
The light sensor will induct the light intensity of environment automatically: when the light intensity is insufficient, the backlight will be turned on automatically. It will change according to the light intensity.

Auto power off:
This unit will shut off automatically in about 11 minutes.To cancel this function, press  continuously till “UOF” display on the LCD, the auto power off function will be renewed in next turn on.

Use dry cloth to clean the unit, but never with any solvent.

Calibration Procedures:

  1. Please use a Standard Acoustic Calibrator.
  2. Turn on the calibrator and set up the status to 94 dB @ 1KHz.
  3. Insert the microphone carefully into the 1/2-inch hole of the Calibrator.
  4. Turn on the Calibrator and adjust the Potentiometer inside the battery compartment of the unit , until the LCD display the desired Level 94.0 dB.


  1. Do not operate the unit at high temperature and high humidity environment.
  2. Please take out battery from unit if not in use for any extended period of time.
  3. When using the unit in the presence of wind, mount the windscreen to avoid to pick up undesired signals.


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