GAOTek Three Wavelength Light Source with High Stabilization

This Light Source with High Stabilization comes with three wavelength output measurements from a single port with a built-in optic isolator which is useful for measuring insertion-loss on SM fibers.



Key Features

  • 1~3 wavelengths output from one port
  • High stabilization, built-in optic isolator
  • 270 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz Tone
  • Auto Wave ID output
  • Battery charge indication
  • Battery energy indication
  • Energy saving mode; if not used for more than 10 minutes the device will automatically power off
  • LCD display & backlight
  • Supports more than 16 hours of operation

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 850 nm & 1300 nm 1310 nm & 1550 nm 1310 nm & 1490 nm & 1550 nm
Stabilization* ±0.05 dB/1 hour; ±0.1 dB/8 hours
Output Power > -6 dBm @ 1310 nm/1490 nm/1550 nm/1625 nm
> -10 dBm @ 850 nm/1300 nm
Modulation 270 Hz, 1 KHz, 2 KHz
Connector FC/PC (or customize)
Auto Power Off No operation in 10 minutes (can be cancelled), Low battery energy
Battery Charge Yes
Operate Time Above 16 hours (1800 mAH battery)
Storage Temperature -4 °F–140 °F (-20 °C–60 °C) < 90 % RH
Operating Temperature 14 °F–122 °F (-10 °C–50 °C) < 90 % RH
Power Supply AA × 2 batteries or AC/DC power supply adapter
Size 6.29 in × 2.95 in × 1.25 in (160 mm × 75 mm × 32 mm)
Weight About 0.39 lbs (180 g)

*  After 5 minutes warm-up, 20±3 °C, CW, FC connector

Additional Information

Device Description



  • On/Off

Press “Power” key to turn on the device with auto power off.  Also press it for 2 seconds to shut the device. Press “Power” key for 2 seconds to turn on the device, the auto power off can be cancelled, the LCD will show “PERM”. Press it to turn on/off the backlight when device is on.

  • Wavelength Select: Press “”key for shifting the wavelength.
  • Modulation Select: Press “MOD” to select modulation: 270 Hz or 1 KHz or 2 KHz.
  • Wave ID: Press “ID” to output the laser with wavelength ID, the optical power meter which has WAVE ID function can change to the same wavelength automatically

Battery charge

  • First you must use the rechargeable batteries. When the energy is less than 20%, you should charge the batteries.
  • Using the device for a long time on low energy will lower the life of the batteries.
  • When charging, the battery charging indication will be on.
  • Don’t charge for more than 12 hours. If charging while using the device, the time will be longer.
  • The rechargeable batteries must be in device when you use the AC/DC adapter for charging.
  • Do not charge the non-rechargeable batteries, or the device will be destroyed.


This device can be used in:

  • LAN, WAN for the purpose of telecommunication networks;
  • CATV systems;
  • Long distance optical networks;
  • FTTH Testing.


Standard Carrying Bag 1
User’s Manual 1
Calibration Certification 1
Optional AC/DC Adapter 1


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