GAOTek Veterinary Blood Dry Chemistry Analyzer

This Veterinary Blood Dry Chemistry Analyzer has less maintenance of tubing, accurate results of analyzer and easy to carry anywhere at any time.




• Single test up to 25 parameters
• 12 minutes to results
• Improved user experience.


Technical Description

Small sample volume Sample volume required for analysis is only 1 or 10 to 1 or 20 when compared to traditional chemistry analyzers.
Easy to Carry 11.02 lb(5 kg). The analyzer was designed to be portable and have a small footprint, ensuring that it can be used anywhere at any time
Less Maintenance No maintenance consumables, such as tubing, pumps or valves required, which saves on maintenance expense
Accurate Results The analyzer utilizes the photometric colorimetric principle, which is superior to the dry chemistry analyzer using a light reflection principle. The accurate rotor mould guarantees consistent test sample and dilution volumes, eliminating random error and cross contamination.


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