GAOTek Visual Fault Locator with Breakpoint Accuracy

This visual fault locator is designed for accurate testing results and supports up to 8 fiber fault discoveries with each measurement.



Key Features

  • Portable, rugged, lightweight; Easy to use.
  • Accurate testing results.
  • Up to 8 fiber faults can be discovered with each measurement.
  • Automatic Pulse Width Control designed to ensure convenient usage.
  • Easy to identify the faulty locations.
  • Built-in visual fault locator (VFL), conveniently to find the faults in dead zone.
  • Dust, water and shock proof, designed for field use
  • Long battery life, up to 5000 measurements operation.

Technical Specifications

Operating Wavelength 1550nm(1310nm Optional)
Fiber Type 9/125um SM Fiber
Optical Connector Type FC/PC
Detector Type InGaAs
Peak Power of laser ≥60mW
Max. Displaying Distance Reflection Event 60km( 37.28miles ) (≥1dB)
Non-reflection Event 20km (12.42 miles)(≥2.5dB)
Measurement Unit m
Reflection Event Dead Zone 15m
Distance Accuracy(Reflection Event) ±(2m+2*10(-4)*Distance)
Wavelength of VFL Option 650nm
Output Power of VFL Option >=1mW
Power Supply Alkaline Battery (3pcs AA 4.5V Batteries)
Battery Operating Time ≥5000 measurements
Working Temperature -5~40℃ (23°F ~104°F)
Storage Temperature -10~60℃ (14°F ~ 140°F)
Humidity 0~85%(Non-condensation)
Dimensions 190*100*50mm(7.48*3.9*1.96 in )
Weight(g) 450

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