Moisture Meter for Paper (High Precision Measurement)




GAOTek Moisture Meter for Paper measures water contents in materials such as paper, cardboard, paper, carton and pulp with high precision.

Key Features

  • Uses high frequency principle
  • Equipped with natural frequency
  • Water content is measured and send signal to sensor in the form of different frequencies.
  • Frequency is first converted to current and then to analogue or digital display

Technical Specifications

Range (measuring moisture) 0 to 40 %
Environment 23°F to 140°F (-5°C to +60°C)
Display 3½ Digital LCD
Accuracy ±0.5%
Temperature compensation -10° to 100°
Dimension 6.29×2.36×1.06 in (160x60x27 mm)
Power 9V(6F22 Type) with a laminated battery
Response time 1 second
Weight 0.44 lbs. (200 gm)

Additional information

Weight 1.32 kg


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