Multi Functional CCTV Tester with PAL and NTSN (Hunt Signal)




GAOTek Multi-Functional CCTV Tester with PAL and NTSN (Hunt Signal) integrates video monitoring and wires searching functions. In testing the camera, the device displays the images on the screen via its signal cable so that angle and range of the camera will be adjusted to the best position. When performing wire search function, transmitter audio signal is connected with the target wire, which generates a close loop audio signal field around the target wire loop, and the receiver will pick up the signal at the loop or the other end of the wire to find the target wire.

This method features long distance and clear sound which helps the users to find the target wires effectively and quickly. This device finds wide application in fields of camera amounting and wire tracing.

Key Features

  • Image and backlight display.
  • Audio output.
  • Wire tracing.
  • Charge and charging indication.
  • Low battery alarming.
  • Fast test sampling.
  • Automatically turn off. Automatic shutdown: Under video status, 8 minutes without any operation of automatic shutdown
  • Flashlight function.
  • Earphone output.
  • Wire tracing sound level adjustable.
  • PAL NTSN standard automatic identification.


  • This device finds wide application in the fields of camera amounting.
  •  The instrument can also be used to test the wire tracing.
  •  It is also useful to test the long distances which helps the users to find the target wires.

Technical Specifications

Specification Transmitter Receiver
Weight 0.291 lbs (132.2 g) 0.130 lbs (59.2 g)
Size 2.5 in × 1.2 in × 4.7 in (64 mm × 31 mm × 119 mm) 1.9 in × 1.0 in × 4.6 in (48.6 mm × 26 mm × 177 mm)
Battery 3 x 3.7 V lithium battery 6F22 9 V Battery
Environmental Operating Temperature 14 °F ~ 104 °F (-10 °C ~ 40 °C)


Relative Humidity 10 % – 95 % RH


Storage Temperature -4 °F ~ 140 °F (-20 °C ~ 60 °C)


Hunt Signal Transmission Distance  0.62 miles (1 Km)


Display 2.0-inch TFT LCD screen


Emergency power output


12 V 500 m emergency power output, with short circuit protection


Power Adaptor 15 V 1 A power adaptor


Packaging List

No. Item Description Quantity
1 GAOTek Multi Functional CCTV Tester with PAL and NTSN (Hunt Signal) 1
2 User Manual 1
3 3.7 V Lithium batteries 3
4 6F22 9V battery 1

Additional Information

Product Description


Product Components:                   Indication LED / Key description:
A. Socket RJ45                                      1) Power indication LED
B. Socket RJ11                                       2) Battery charge indication LED
C. TFT LCD                                            3) Foreign power LED indication
D. Protective cover                                 4) Tracing scanning indication LED
E. Charging hole                                     5) on/off key
F. Scanning signal sensor                       6) Volume up
G. Flashlight                                            7) Volume down
H. Operation indication LED                    8) Tracing key
I. Earphone hole
J. Volume dial
K. Tracing scanning key
L. Flashlight on/off
M. Audio output
N. Battery door


A. (POWER) power on/off

Press on the button for 2 seconds to turn on the device and the LED lights on and press on the button for 2 seconds again to turn the device off. This device will turn off automatically within 8 minutes if there is no further operation of the key.

Please note that if there is failure of turning on or automatic turning off during operation, this means that the lithium battery is low battery below the protective voltage preset. Please recharge the battery immediately if this happens.

B. Cable Tracing Function (SCAN)

This device can find out the 2 ends of a wire quickly. Under the mode of SCAN put one end of the measured in to the RJ11 socket while the device sends the tracing signal which travels in the wire inserted in the socket. Press the SCAN button and listen at the others ends to be measured if there is beep sound, and the loudest end among the measured is the right end.

C. Charging

Under power-on, connect the adaptor with the bottom of the device, and the battery indication LED flashes indicating the charging process. After charge completion the battery indication LED lights on. And the LED flashes quickly if there is no battery in the device while charging.

D. Video

Under the power on mode, insert the signal wire into RJ45 socket and insert the switch wire ends into sockets of video output, audio output and DC 12 V power with the image output from camera. Press the volume key to adjust the sound level.

Attached Wires

  1. Alligator clip wire: one end for inserting into RJ11 another clipping on the target.
  2. RJ11 wire: one end for inserting into RJ11 on the transmitter and another RJ11 socket on the wall for telephone cable.
  3. Audio/video signal connection cable: The yellow RJ45 for connecting with the RJ45 socket in the device, and black DC 12 V power plug to camera power socket, yellow video output plug into camera’s.

Warnings & Cautions


To avoid being injured please be careful when dealing with the following issues:

  • This device cannot be used with the strong-powered wire such as the wiring in household, otherwise the injure may happen or equipment will be damaged.
  • A thunderstorm lightning using the products that avoid lines sensitive to lightning caused personal injury and equipment damage.
  • This device should be stored in ventilated, dry environment and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


To avoid damage of the device please handle carefully in process of transportation. Do not open the device. Please maintain or repair the device by the authorized technicians if needed.


  • If the power LED lights on which indicates the low battery please recharge the device immediately.
  • If there is any low battery indication the device will turn off automatically and the device is strictly. Prohibited to be turned on to avoid overly discharged.
  • The dischargeable lithium battery cannot be misused, please turn to professionals to replace them.
  • When the receiver LED is dim or the sounds distorts, please replace the battery.
  • The stronger the signal is, the louder the sound will be. Please make the sound volume to moderate level to avoid injury to ear.