Sound Level Meter with AC and DC Function (Auto Ranging)




Key Features

  • Sound level Range:30 to 130dB(Auto Ranging)
  • Frequency weighting: A/C
  • Fast/Slow time weighting selection
  • 32000 Reading Internal Memory (Data record function)*
  • Max Hold function
  • High accuracy
  • Bar graph display
  • AC/DC function
  • White Backlight
  • Over / Under alert function*
  • Time display
  • Auto-off function setup
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Tripod Mount (Tripod not included)
  • Software, USB Lead, Case & Batteries included
  • CE Certified & RoHS Compliant

Technical Specifications

Calibration sound source 94dB @ 1kHz
Measurement range 30~130dBA
Accuracy:  +1.5dB(reference sound pressure standard,94dB@1KHz)
Frequency response 31.5~8.5KHz
Resolution: 0.1dB
Frequency weighting A/C
Analogy bar graph  2dB/1 Bar graph
Sampling rate  2 times/second (FAST), 1 time/second (SLOW)


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